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what dishes can be made from milk


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Dishes Made With Dairy or Milk Products

1. Ice-Cream
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Ice-Cream is a refreshing summer dessert made with boiled milk and added flavor and enhanced with dry fruits such as almonds and pistachios. You can make ice cream of any flavor you want to add to the chocolate flavor and then the ice cream is ready, and serve this ice cream in a bowl or bowl.
2. Kheer

The most delicious and rich milk-based food by kheer. It is made by boiling long-term milk and sugar. It is highly boiled to the extent that it hardens the texture and the dried fruits are added to make life more healthy. It can be served hot and cold, depending on the taste of the people.
3. Paneer

Paneer is a very popular dish by almost every Indian. Some chemical reactions are made by adding some milk and removing solids from it. Those things are left on the floor to cool down and become relative between things. After the bond, the material obtained is known as a paner. There are several dishes made with Paneer.
4. In Russia
Cake Rusk is a delicious glowing rusk made using milk and ice cream, making it soft. The Rusk is made of sooji rawa and then baked until it is topped with a keratin. People serve this during tea time. Without milk this is just a soft and groan rusk.
The cake is loved by everyone regardless of age. It is a very popular dish made with bread and whipped cream. Milk plays an important role in cake making. The milk is used to make cream, condensed milk and other flavors on top of the cake.
5. Fruit Cream

Fruit cream is made by adding a good amount of fruit to the cream and sugar as well as other flavors. The fruits used to make this meal are apples, oranges, grapes, bananas, pomegranate etc. As well as other decorative and decorative ingredients such as cherries, sugar balls etc.
6. Rasmalai
Ras malai is made with white sugar cream, or made with chhana yellow balls added to the malai and flavored with cardamom. Cooked in sugar syrup, milk with saffron, pistachios, almonds and kheer as a concentrate. and other ingredients needed to form the dough, made into balls, and thrown into the milk cream.
7. Mango Shake

Mango Shake is made by mixing chopped mango and milk in a juicer mix with added sugar. It is flavored with syrups like fruit syrup, chocolate syrup etc. You can be decorated with addresses, sugar balls, or pomegranate from the top of it. Sometimes the selected mango is also used as a decorative agent. It is served cold and enjoyed during the summer.
8. Chenna Murki
It is a dessert made in the Indian version of paner, milk and sugar in many parts of India. Milk and sugar are mixed together to achieve maximum consistency. Various conditions of the Paneer are dipped in Milky condensate water. It came from the coastal areas of Bhadrak and was found in all parts of India. Many other flavors and aromatic spices are often added.
9. Pirni
Phirni is a popular dessert in India that is usually served after dinner or lunch. Some of the ingredients of phirni are milk, cashew, pistachios, walnuts, sugar, saffron, etc.
10. Smoothie
A smoothie is a heavy drink made by mixing fruits and vegetables that can be mixed with other ingredients such as water, ice, dairy products. In addition to fruits and vegetables, it can include other ingredients such as ice, fruit juice, and other sugars, sugar, syrup, dairy products, tea, chocolate, vegetable ingredients, or nutritional supplements.
11.Gazar Halwa
Gazar Halwa is a popular and popular dessert in India for its health and sweetness. Milk, Cream and Maawa are the essential ingredients of this meal. Some of the main ingredients of this Gazar Halwa diet are Carrot, Nuts such as walnuts, almonds, cashews and pistachios, sugar by taste, and dairy. You can decorate it in hours.
12.Dear Toast

Vegetable toast tastes great and is easy to eat at home. It is made by making a paste of suji and other seasonal vegetables.


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There are some delightful dishes which can be produced using milk. A portion of these which are anything but difficult to plan are-

a) Payasa (Indian sweet dish):


1. Basmati rice (one little cup)

2. milk ( 750 ml)

3. dry products of your decision (gums, cashews, pista, almonds and so forth)

4. cardamom (2-3 nos)

5. cloves (2 nos)

6. Sugar


Drench the basmati rice in water for 1 hr. Bubble milk in a skillet. Include sugar, dry organic products, cardamom and cloves to the bubbled milk. At that point add the rice to it and continue cooking on low fire till the rice is completely cooked. You can have this dish following cooking or can place this in ice chest and have later.