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What do you mean by Attention? How it helps in learning?


student | Posted on

Man lives in an environment where the various stimuli affect them, but not equally. This leads them to make choices among these various stimuli in the environment. Attention can be stated as the mental faculty of considering or taking notice of any stimulus in the environment. There are different kinds of learning.

1) Voluntary Attention: As the name states , it is a nature in which willingness directs to the object. Ex. A student paying attention to studies without any external pressure is voluntary action.
2) Involuntary Attention: As the words suggest it is opposite to voluntary attention. Here attention is not only directed by the individual’s desire or motivation, but also it maybe even against it. This kind of attention usually hinders the growth and process of goal seeking. Lets take the same example , a student has infatuation towards songs and he is pressured for studying math then naturally he will suffer.
3) Habitual Attention: Apart from the mentioned above, there is third type- habitual or non-voluntary. The difference between non-voluntary and in-voluntary attention is the result of some habit or practice. Habitual attention has no need for will. But the continued application of voluntary attention converts into habitual attention. Ex. The student pays voluntary attention to studies in the beginning then gradually in some time it will convert into some habit.
Attention can be long or short span, but in the end it all depends upon one’s interest, his aim/goal.