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What do you mean by Juvenile Delinquency? What are its casuses ?


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First lets be clear of the term delinquency, minor crime, especially that committed by young people. Delinquent children belong to that category of exceptional children who exhibit considerable deviation in terms of social adjustment. They are capable of criminal activities and usually indulge in behaviour not accepted by the society.


There is a thin line of difference between “crime” and “delinquency”
It is usually based on who the law-breaker is, if its an adult then it will be considered as crime and actions will be taken as such, but if its a minor then the law takes that as a delinquency.
Individuals between the ages of 18 and 21 who violate the provisions of IPC(Indian Penal Code) and CPC(Crime Procedure Code) are midway between criminals and delinquents and are labelled as “young” and “youthful” offenders. After the trial by the court, they are sentenced to be sent either to an institution or to prisons depending upon the seriousness or the nature of crime.
Juvenile Delinquency
1) Hereditary factors.
2) Environmental or Social factors.
3) Domestic conflicts.
4) Denial of reasonable freedom and independence.
5) Improper parental control.
6) Economic difficulties and poverty of family.etc
To conclude, delinquency is an environmental and social disease. No child is born delinquent nor is this a product of genes. Thus, delinquent behaviour is a reaction to, a resentment against the prevailing social and environmental conditions .
Juvenile Delinquency