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Ram kumar

Technical executive - Intarvo technologies | Posted on | others

What do you prefer? Run your own business or work for someone else?


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It all depends upon various factors as to what is more good for a person running his own business or working for someone else. It also depends on person to person and this choice is based on various elements aa stated:

1. Capital: Every business needs capital to work. It could be a working capital or fixed capital. Working capital means cash required for day to day expenses and fixed means capital in the machines and various equipments. If you have enough capital go for business otherwise take loan or work for someone else.

2. Return: If you want handsome return you must go for the business, because when you work for someone else, you would make the other party earn 10 times more as you would get as a salary.


3. Control: If you want more control over your life as well as over your business , then you should start your own business. However if you can take orders easily and follow the targets you may go for service.

4. Risk: Running your own business would give you some risks. You may also face ups and downs , losses at some point of time. So if you can take risks go for business.

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I would prefer business over working for someone else because you have full freedom over your actions and you are the sole responsible for the profits or the losses incurred. Moreover you contribute directly into the gdp of the country as compared to working for others. Moreover you have enough time for family, for yourself while working in own business. The main thing you turn out to be a job giver than a job seeker.

Thus if had to choose at anypoint of time I would go for the business.Smiley face


Digital Marketing Executive | Posted on

All of its depends on person who is going to do if he had the capabilities to do more good in business than he should go for business as maximum possible for him otherwise job is the other option to get some to spend a good life.


Blogger | Posted on

Owning your own business is much more rewarding in my view. Working for someone else will always mean having to get along with them


Company secretary,MBA | Posted on

It is absolutely true and of course a huge dilemma about choosing a right career path for the best of future. There are basically two options after our education is done, one is to start own business and the other one is to work for someone or take a job.

When I was in college I was really adamant and never wanted to work for someone. I always dreamt of starting my own business. However, now when I work for someone and am learning a lot of things in life, now I feel that every person should actually take a job, get experience, learn new things, and then use all of them to start your own business.

It is correct that working in someone else’s business seems to be difficult as we have to listen to them at every step of the way. That’s fine, but we learn a lot in that process. It makes us patient, disciplined, and strong even if they are wrong and you are right. This is not just a learning for the job but is actually a learning for life. So, I suggest all my readers to start working for someone first and then make a decision of starting your own business.



Entrepreneur | Posted on

When you are working for someone else,

you can afford to make mistakes,

you can feel Sunday as Sunday,

you can indulge in gossip and romance,

you can blame others,

you can wait for 30th of every month and plan,

you can NOT be responsible,

you can call it a day

And when you are working for yourself and others are working for you,

those mistakes are blunders,

Sundays are plan for Mondays,

Gossips and romance are remote ideas,

Blaming can't even exist,

And you can be anything

But NOT responsible!!

Enjoy both !!