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What do you think about an Air Ambulance Service in India to shift medically serious patient?


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Air ambulance, a modern day contribution of human progress to the health sector of the world. This term means using air transportation, like helicopter and airplanes, as a means to move patients to different places. This mode of transportation is important in those cases where roadways is not an option or the patient is short of time.

The use of air ambulances or transportation started during the first world War when it was the need of the hour to get the injured soldiers out of the battlefield and also provide them with urgent first aid. After the war the idea was really appreciated and countries started using it for regular purposes as well.

There are a lot of advantages provided by this mode of transportation. it not only makes urgent health services accessible to remote areas but also is pretty fast. It is very fruitful in sparsely populated areas. The common problem of traffic faced by the road ambulance is easily avoided by the air ones.

Undoubtedly this means has gained a lot of popularity in the recent few years. Many countries like USA, Japan, Russia, Korea etc. have been using this service extensively. This service has been present in India as well. Though it is not as extensively as by the other mentioned countries but a slow increase in demand can be seen here.

India's first air ambulance service was launched in Coimbatore. although there are still many states in India who do not have this facility, however most of the states are witnessing a good demand in this service. also the quality of service being provided by different organisations in this field is remarkable. The rate of availing this service differs for different organisations, however it is roughly Rs. 1000/min. which is not affordable to the general population.

Thus,it is evident that air transportation in India is still in its infancy and needs a lot of development in order to make it accessible to major population.