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what do you think about the nominations of radhika apte in emmy awards?


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Well, for one thing it is indeed a happy news for Indians and for those who are into Indian web series. And for another, it is worth pondering why Radhika Apte and no one else?


Remember when the actress was getting brutally trolled for being Netflix’s favorite Indian actress? At a particular point of time in Indian web series scene, Radhika Apte was everywhere. It was as if the success of a web series just can’t be ensured without the presence of this actress? We could as well say that Radhika Apte became for the world of digital web series, what Salman Khan is for Bollywood.

So it’s in a way sad that the nomination is more a result of over-demand and over-glorification of the actress than anything else. Of course, we can’t deny that Apte has exceptional looks and extraordinary acting skills, but that is possessed by a lot many Indian actresses.

Radhika Apte started her web series career with Lust Stories, which has one more Indian actress who has recently got quite a lot of popularity because of Bollywood flick Kabir Singh -Kiara Advani. Lust Stories even features Vicky Kaushal. So why is it that Kiara and Vicky still have to rely on mainstream Bollywood for fame while Apte made it with just one short performance in a web series? Is her kind of skills more suited for digital movie platform than for traditional movies? Maybe. Maybe she, unlike other actors who still crave for big budget Bollywood projects, has accepted that the future lies in the digital world. Even well-established actors like Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddique, and Pankaj Tripathi are making the best use of the opportunities thrown their way by these Web Series companies.

So I would say the nomination is more of the result of this acceptance and the hard work in the right direction than of the outstanding performances she has delivered.  


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