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Software Engineer | Posted on | Share-Market-Finance

What does a business technology analyst do at Deloitte US in India?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Deloitte works in 4 key areas that include -

  • Tax
  • Audit
  • Consulting and
  • Advisory.

Each department can have its own business technology analyst depending on its respective needs and requirements.

In general, the basic task of these people is to overlook and evaluate the tech implementation in their department to improve its efficiency and minimize the cost. They keep a keen eye on the technology end, find new ways how things could be improved, where there are leakages and what changes need to be made. Given accounting depends on an awful lot of data which requires the right tech and tools to get sorted, evaluated and analyzed, the business technology analysts take care of the tech end of their company.

Their basic goal is to ensure the company is well ahead in terms of technology with implementation of the best practices that add efficiency and improves the result. Of course, the role can differ from department to department where the analyst is working.


Blogger | Posted on

Filling in as a BTA in Deloitte has its own advantages and disadvantages. There you get the chance to figure out how to construct connect with individuals, you enhance your relational abilities part and as an expert you become well overall, likewise from useful or space information perspective there is such a long way to go in Deloitte.

In any case, in the event that you a r individual who wanna learn and develop innovation savvy, at that point don't expect much as there isn't a lot to learn innovation shrewd.