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Kaamya Bajaj

A day dreamer!! | Posted on | others

What does bereavement signify? Is is necessary?


Healer, writer | Posted on

Bereavement to me is, for lack of a better term, is a phenomenon of physical existence, and then the absence of it. To the majority of us mortals, bereavement is a period, during which we think of, accept, indulge in, and even have rituals that “feed” this phenomenon. This phenomenon embraces a period of deep mourning over the loss of a loved one from the physical realm. And sometimes bereaving happens over the loss of something material as well. We ought to really ask why this happens and if it can be avoided, given the pain it causes.
This happens very clearly, because of the “attachment” we develop to people and things in our lives. The attachment to people and things, over time, becomes so overwhelmingly, strong, that it makes you dependent. So dependent on these people and things you have become that the loss of them renders you heart-broken and helpless.
Practice detachment
What if, instead we choose to be detached from all people and things? Detachment is, not the renouncing of all people and things and living the life of a hermit. But it is about living a really full life of fascination with all things and paradoxically attached (dependent) on none of it. Because it is only when you grow attached and dependent on things are you going to miss their or its absence. This way, even as someone departs from this physical existence, there is no bereavement.


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