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Trishna Dhanda

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What does it mean to be a victim of circumstances?


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Being a victim of circumstance means when someone is highly affected by any act which was not in control of their hands and they have crossed the limit, and the expected end result was highly different from the one which was expected to be. Not everyone is a victim of circumstance, these are dependent on the way by which we deal with the situation or how we are likely to choose the direction which can also break the heart. 



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Circumstances definition

The simple meaning of circumstances is situations. For example, you have got stuck in traffic or you are not feeling well are some examples of situations. Someone who is running out of money is considered a bad wealth situation. Situations or circumstances can be of many types but here the answer is about victims of circumstances or situations.

Victim of circumstances definition/meaning

Do you know someone who has suffered due to any of his/her friends? Have you ever faced a situation that made you suffer a lot? Then your friend or you have already experienced the feeling of a victim of circumstances. Well, the victim of circumstances refers to a person who has been punished or somehow suffered due to the actions of others. Sometimes, situations or circumstances get out of our control when we feel helpless and get suffered. So both human beings and situations can turn you into victims of circumstances.

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Victim of circumstance-Few examples:

1.Suppose there is a homeowner whose living space was randomly selected by a burglar. In this case, the homeowner will be considered as a victim of circumstance.

2.The lights were not working on the road. So a woman met with an accident with a car as she was unable to see anything in the darkness. So here the woman will be considered a victim of the situation.

Consider circumstances as a lamp. And you are one of the items placed near it. If the lamp light tends to incline towards you, you will be seen brighter. It means the situations are under your control. But if the light of the lamp avoids you, that situation can make you the victim of circumstances. But it is true, those hurdles enable you to build enough inner strength and face more challenges in the future.


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A victim is a person who suffers, that could be physical, mental or monetary. This suffering could be the reason of someone else’s wrongdoing. Circumstance could be some condition or event that was beyond the control of the victim. In such a case that victim was actually there at the wrong time and hence suffered.But sometimes people do take advantage of such situations and try to play the victim card to gather public sympathy.



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