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Simran Kapoor

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what does the foundation do for your skin?


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We've all heard before: "All makeup is good for your skin". Whenever we hear that shocking phrase we tend to roll our eyes and get back to our normal state. But sometimes it's hard to stir up that anxious feeling - what if your skin is actually not right?

However, we did some digging and found the answers for you. Get ready to reveal the truth about the foundation.
As with many things, like the food we eat and other beauty products we use, the potential damage to the foundation lies in the ingredients. The first thing to remember is that a safe foundation should contain no toxic ingredients that damage or hinder the skin's ability to breathe. Skin-softening ingredients include substances such as mineral oil and phenoxyethanol. It is very important for your skin to be able to breathe and function properly even if it has a foundation. For example, one ingredient to consider is a natural powder, which allows air to enter the base.
Once you have found a foundation for quality non-toxic chemicals you will need to worry that the foundation is damaging your skin. In fact, the foundation can be beneficial to your skin by providing an extra layer of protection against environmental damage. Also, bonus points if you get a sunscreen base. When in doubt, look for the natural ingredients you notice when buying your cosmetics.
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Here are some product recommendations:
MISSHA M Complete BB Cream SPF42
Health Glow Cream Foundation
Clarins Skin Illusion Loose Powder Foundation
But there is one thing that can make any cosmetic product harmful to your skin - and that is not to care for your skin. This includes everything from washing your makeup before bed so that you don't burn your skin or clean it so you don't wear sunscreen every day.

So make sure you take care of your skin, massage it with good cleansers, toners, moisturizers and sunscreen. Also, be sure to clean your basic brushes after each use and keep your brushes in a safe place from getting contaminated.
So, that's where you have it. The foundation is not bad for your skin at all if you choose a product with the right ingredients. Also, most of the health of your skin depends on how you treat it. So, make sure you moisturize your skin and don't forget to clean your makeup brush before applying it.