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Kaamya Bajaj

A day dreamer!! | Posted 07 Apr, 2021 |

What does the green lantern symbol mean?

Anushka Maity

Student | Posted 08 Apr, 2021

Green Lantern is a symbol that was earlier seen in American comics but only a few know the meaning and history of green lanterns. It symbolizes willpower and courage. The lantern corps are based on an emotional spectrum and it is divided into seven colours of the rainbow where each colour represents an emotive greenscreen colour in the lantern denotes willpower and is considered one of the most stable lantern corps as green is the central colour. In 1940 the green lantern was first discovered by Alan Scott.

picture courtesy- quora

DC fans are very much familiar with the green lantern and there is a film also on the green lantern. The movie Green Lantern is directed by Martin Campbell and was released in 2011. Green lanterns are generally depicted as the group of people who have been assigned by the Guardians of Universe to protect our galaxy by their strong will power and courage. The Green Lantern has its famous oath “In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape

my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might, beware my power, Green Lantern’s light”. Sci-fi author Alfred Bester wrote this oath. Green Lantern was introduced may be to determine the willpower of humans. Our life is a circle with no end and that’s what the circle in the symbol represents. The Green lantern has many supernatural powers which can be used to fly, to time travel, to become invisible, to hypnotize others, even by this power one can pass through the solid object and so on. Green lantern’s ring is known to be one of the most powerful weapons in this universe.