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Brij Gupta

Optician | Posted on | Health-beauty

What habits should people avoid in their 20s to stay healthy, happy and satisfied?


Fashion enthusiast | Posted on

The second decade of life is the most significant one for anyone. Your 20s are the years when you choose your career, you get to know who your real friends are, and you take many other important life decisions. But this decade is as much prone to mistakes as it is to new opportunities, and most of the time we are passionate, injudicious, and impulsive. That is why we need to keep certain things in mind while going ahead in this decade. Following are some of those things:

1. We should keep in mind that we are not the center of the universe. It’s okay if other people are going on in their lives without giving us as much importance as they used to do. It is the time when we focus on ourselves rather than focusing on others.

2. Most of us spend the larger part of day out of the house because of studies, works, and other things, and hence develop the habit of eating unhealthy junk food. We don’t even realize how much money we are squandering in these unhealthy food stuff. Eating from outside too much should certainly be avoided.

3. 20-something is the age when you feel like earning money yourself so that you can become independent, and more than often tight working hours demand the sacrifice of your higher studies. It is one of the most difficult decisions that one has to take in his 20s. Consequently, they end up creating an imbalance in their lives which gives birth to stress which is mistaken as depression quite a lot. One should be clear about his goals in near future, and try to figure out what exactly he wants to in his life. This “what” can be either big or small.

4. At this age people have large friend circle which makes them prone to many new things which can be good or bad. It’s a well-known fact that this is the age when people are more attracted to the things which are deemed bad or forbidden. One such thing is alcohol and drugs. People in their 20s fall prey to these habits, which they should avoid.

5. We today can’t imagine our life without internet and social media and the entertainment and knowledge that social media offers is mostly for the age group 16-25. This makes people in their 20s indulge a lot in such things and this results in distraction from goals and unwanted wastage of time.

6. At this age all of us want to feel desirable, wanted, and admired. To fulfil these wishes of ours we try very hard to fit in attempting new trends, latest fashion, and squandering a lot of money just to look “cool” among friends. We should understand that people would like us at our most natural and stop going out of our ways.