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What happened to Surpanakha in Ramayana?


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Shurpanakha was the principle explanation behind Ravan's passing. She gets no further notice from Valmiki, it has been recommended that she kept on living in Lanka after Vibhishana succeeded Ravana as lord. She and her relative Kumbini should have died adrift a couple of years after the fact.

Substitute hypothesis: Her Real Intention was not to Get a Husband

A few variants of the Ramayana guarantee that Shurpanakha had no genuine sentimental enthusiasm for the siblings, designing Ravana's passing in vengeance for her better half Vidyujjihva's homicide. After numerous long stretches of plotting his ruin, she understood that Ravana had in excess of a match in Rama, who had murdered both her grandma, Thataka, and her uncle, Subahu. Her cousins were frightened by Rama, so Shurpanakha chose to set her sibling in opposition to Rama, realizing just he was incredible enough to kill her sibling.

Surpanakha Met Sita After the War

In Devdutt Pattanaik's Sita An Illustrated Retelling Of The Ramayana, there is a part wherein Surpanakha sees Sita. Sita was deserted by Rama since his subjects questioned her celibacy. She was left in a woods. That time Surpanakha saw Sita. There were contempt and retribution in her brain. Yet, she didn't hurt Sita. Rather she said that Rama and Lakshmana unloaded Sita as they did to her. Sita wasn't pitiful. She realized that Rama was limited by rules and he hadn't questioned her a piece. At that point they became companions and appreciated each other's conversation.

Finally She turned into the Wife of Rama

This might be the most obscure certainty. In Bhramavaivrata Purana, it was composed that Surpanakha penanced Brahma to get Rama as her better half in her next birth. Brahma gave her the shelter. She was that lady who served Krishna (the Avatar of Rama or Vishnu) with genuine dedication. Her name was Kubja who had three stoops on her spine. Shri Krishna made those to vanish and consequently she turned out to be more wonderful. She was one among Lord Krishna's 16008 spouses.



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