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Vansh Chopra

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What interesting facts has the India road safety index revealed?


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India is the world’s largest democracy. It is a budding superpower headed by the honourable Prime Minister, NarendraModi. But other than visionary leaders, do you know what else is a prerequisite for a nation to progress successfully? It’s effective road safety and strictly followed traffic rules. The security of the citizens is the most vital aspect of any country and hence, safety on the roads plays and important part.

The Road Safety Index was started by Maruti Suzuki in 2016. In two years of its implementation, the operations have been widened and expanded considerably. Let’s read ahead to find some interesting facts which the Indian Road Safety Index has recently revealed.

  1. Raipur, the capital of the state of Chhattisgarh, is the only city in India to be able to claim to pass the road safety index test. It is ranked number 1 in terms of safety on the roads. It has initiatives which are pedestrian focused and this has helped the city to achieve this position.
  2. Kolkata, the City of Joy, has remained unbeaten in the category of sufficient road lighting and safety of children on the roads. The street lights employed in this city are energy saving and children as well as parents are educated efficiently about road safety.
  3. Chennai wins the race when it comes to the implementation of motor laws and traffic rules.
  4. Ahmedabad tops the list when it comes to emergency services such as ambulance, police and fire brigade.