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What is 5T of Delhi and can it defeat Corona?


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Here's the detail about the 5T plan by C.M Arvind kejriwal

1_The Plan

Arvind Kejriwal houranable chef minister of Delhi on Tuesday reported a 5T plan to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. The 5T plan incorporates testing, following, treatment, collaboration and following.


Forceful testing is the way to check the spread of the new coronavirus, said CM Arvind Kejriwal. The legislature will direct one lakh quick tests in hotspot zones like Dilshad Garden and Nizamuddin.


In the wake of testing, next comes following. Individuals are distinguished who have interacted with a positive patient and are asked to self-isolate. The assistance of Delhi Police is being taken to guarantee that self-isolate is being followed.


2,950 beds are held for coronavirus patients, the central priest said. LNJP, GB Pant and Rajiv Gandhi emergency clinics will treat just coronavirus patients. Beds in private emergency clinics have been recognized where just coronavirus patientis will be dealt with. 12,000 lodgings will be dominated. Genuine patients and old will be kept in emergency clinics and those with milder indications will be kept in inns and dharamshalas.


New coronavirus must be crushed through cooperation and I am cheerful that all states alongside Center are cooperating to stop the spread of the infection, said the Delhi boss pastor. We need to gain from different states. Specialists and medical caretakers are key individuals from the groups. Their insurance is paramount.People are likewise principle part of the group and they should remain at home and follow the progressing lockdown, Kejriwal stated, adding he will have a conversation with all Members of the parliament of Delhi on Wednesday on the issue of coronavirus.

5/1_Tracking and Monitoring

Under fifth "T" of activity plan, Kejriwal said he was specifically checking the instances of coronavirus, including that it is his duty to track and screen every single instance of COVID-19 in the national capital.