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Posted 11 Sep, 2019 |

What is a good score for ielts?

Ram Sagar

@student | Posted 22 Oct, 2019

According to the British Council, the Organization which conducts IELTS Exam all over the world, if you score a 9 on the exam, you're an “expert” in English; if you score an 8, you're “very good” at English; 
Thus a good score for Immigration or Abroad Education is in between 7.0 and 8.5 overall in IELTS. 

Darshak Shah

Owner | Posted 13 Sep, 2019

According to my point of view, an individual rarely gets a score of 9 bands, but if a person gets 5.5 to 7 score in his/her IELTS exam than it can be considered as a good score.

Aisha Thakur

Manager | Posted 12 Sep, 2019

Excellent or highest Score - 9

Very Good Score - 8

Good Score - 6-7.5