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Rohan Chauhan

Financial analyst (Mudra finance company) | Posted on | Science-Technology

What is a super blue blood moon?


@letsuser | Posted on


On Wednesday, much of the world including India, will get to see not only a blue moon and a super moon, but also a total lunar eclipse, all rolled into one. There hasn’t been a lunar trifecta like this in many years, and the next won’t occur in a hurry either. The eclipse will be visible best in the western half of the US and Canada .

Many of us will have a question that why it is termed as Blood Blue Moon ?

As it is well known that “Blue Moon” is just a name and fine particles in the atmosphere scatter the blue component of the solar spectrum, and what reaches us is the longer wavelength of the light but the moon will actually look red or copper red and the reason is that during a total lunar eclipse, though the moon gets shadowed by the Earth, Sunlight passing through the Earth’s atmosphere, break down in its constituent colours and the red part gets scattered by the atmosphere and falls on the Moon’s surface, thereby making it take on a reddish copper hue. For this reason it is called a “Blood Moon”.


The coming lunar eclipse will be more spectacular because during the eclipse, the Moon will be more spectacular because during the eclipse the moon will be near its perigee (the moon reaches it perigee on January 30 at around 15.28 hrs.) and hence it will look larger than an average full Moon so it is termed as Super Moon.

This rare event is happening after 152 years but that fact is for the Americans, but in Asia the last Blue Moon and total lunar eclipse happened on December 30, 1982.

This phenomenal experience can be seen through the ***** eye.In India,the eclipse will start around 17.18 IST. It will be total at 18.21 hrs and remain totally eclipsed till 19.37.

Then after, the total eclipse will end and the moon will slowly come out of the shadow of the Earth, the partial eclipse ending around 20.41 hrs. The totality of eclipse will last for about 1hour and 16 minutes.


Blogger | Posted on

The term used to allude to the third full moon of a season which has four full moons. ... Today (January 31st 2018) is a quite uncommon occasion called a too nobility moon on the grounds that there is a complete lunar overshadowing when the moon is at its nearest point to the Earth and it's the subsequent full moon in January. Expectation this makes a difference.