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Rak Esh

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What is a warehouse management system?


Student Poet | Posted on

As the name suggests, a warehouse management system is a software system that enables organisations or individuals to manage the entire operation of a warehouse from the moment goods and materials enter it to the time they exit it. All the procedures in between the two can be monitored and managed by a warehouse management system. Good status can be found in real-time. It saves a lot of manual labour and removes discrepancies and reduces error.

It can be simple or complex depending upon the size and need of the organisation. Smaller firms may only need spreadsheet entries whereas bigger corporations may need to control even the minute processes that go on inside the warehouse. Further a publishing company might have different warehouse needs than a sports company. 

Although it is a comlex and costly software, it simplifies several processes and is an indespensible must for larger companies like Flipkart or Amazon. A warehouse management system has several benefits-

1. Optimization of Warehouse Space

The design of the warehouse is fed to the warehouse management system and the expert can then analyze which areas need reconfiguration for full efficiency.

2. Inventory Tracking and Management

All the goods in the inventory can be tracked and managed. Barcodes can be used for tracking. Lots can be moved where required. Misplaced goods can be located easily.

4. Labour Management

Labour associated with each process can also be managed together with the goods. Further much less labour is required to track, record and audit. There are no long lists and registers. All is digitally processed.

5. Keeping Track of Goods

Shipments and billing becomes easier. Orders can be tracked. Live status can be given to the company or the customer.

These are few of the main benefits of a WMS. They can be developed from scratch or can be bought from tech firms and vendors. 



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