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What is Army-s Operation Namaste and why is it in the news?


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The Indian army has named its battle against Corona Virus ‘Operation Namaste’. This operation has been launched by the Indian army to help the Indian government in dealing with the outbreak.

Addressing the 1.3 million force, army chief General MM Naravane launched the operation while asking the Indian army to take all precautions to protect themselves in the wake of the virus.

As social distancing is not a privilege available to the forces owing to operational and strategic limitations, the army chief asked the forces to ensure they follow the instructions that have been issued to protect themselves against the virus.

Be it those seated in an ambush or the tank crew, it becomes inevitable for the men in uniform to be close to each other. Hence it is important that the soldiers take care of their health, said the army chief, asking them to follow the advisories that have been issued recently.

Greeting the entire gathering with ‘Sat Sri Akal’ General Naravane highlighted that in the times of this crisis that the entire world is going through, it was very important to follow the advisories issued by the government over the last few days.

“For only when we stay away and safe from the Corona virus will we be able to do our duty,” he stressed.

The men in uniform as well as the veer naris and veterans were advised to go to their nearest army camp if they faced any health issues and those who were unable to can access the command wise helplines that have been set up.

“It is our duty to help the government and the civil administration in these times. And as the army chief, my priority is force protection,” said Naravane, assuring the forces that their families would be the responsibility of the army. He also assured the families that the ‘safety of the soldiers would be taken care of’.

Empathising with those who were facing difficulties owing to cancelled leave owing to the present crisis, he said, “It is not new for us. During Operation Parakram in 2001 -2002 no one went home for eight to ten months,” said Naravane.

“Like we were successful in Op Parakram, in Op Namaste too we shall emerge victorious,” said Naravane.

‘Wherever you be, just remember, ‘har kaam desh ke naam’ (whatever you do, let it be in the name of the nation),” he said as he signed off.