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Riddhi P

Content Writer | Posted 23 Apr, 2021 |

What is best color to wear for date?

Allen Cara

student | Posted 30 Apr, 2021

I think white or black with jeans is perfect for date.

Memoona Meer

Blogger, Market Manager, HR Manager | Posted 30 Apr, 2021

For date, it depends

Black gives you attraction and make yu feel confident. Because in black yu look smart ?

Shafaque Imam

Student | Posted 30 Apr, 2021

  1. In my opinion, a white shirt with blue or black jeans.
  2. White makes a good impression in front of someone.


Posted 29 Apr, 2021

Whenever you plan for a date, you have to choose a beautiful dress in bright colour. Talking about the colours, you can select red/pink/marun/purple colour dress. It's also important to judge which colour suits you. If you wear an amazing dress in bright colour, and you are also looking excellent in that particular dress; it will make a good impression.

PCM Verma

@PCM | Posted 29 Apr, 2021

Light or Golden colour

Kanika Malhotra

On the path of becoming a professional Life Coach | Posted 28 Apr, 2021

Red, Red and only Red

Unni Mohan

Marketing | Posted 27 Apr, 2021

Black. Always black.

Kaamya Bajaj

A day dreamer!! | Posted 27 Apr, 2021

I know i will sound a bit different but I personally like Purple. Purple is a very soothing color. A girl in Purple dress looks Beautiful, Amazing and a guy in a Purple Shirt with light brown trouser looks smart, dashing. I would like to share few images with the help of these images I can make my point more clear.

Image Source-Google

Image Source-Google

Myra khan

Writer | Posted 27 Apr, 2021

Black and Red are the best colors to wear on date.

Helen Mejia

power bi expert | Posted 23 Apr, 2021

I think black is fab 


@Gladys | Posted 23 Apr, 2021

I think  red is great .