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What is boxing kidney punch and Why boxing kidney punch illegal?


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There are various sports fields which are growing and are loved by many people. And from these sports, boxing is very loved and enjoyed by people all around the world.

But when we talk about the specifics of boxing there are some of the key points which are taken into account very seriously. And these are Kidney Punch and Liver Shot. Kidney punches are very powerful and can have very damaging effects. The use of Kidney Punch and Liver shot are illegal in most competitions.

To know more about Kidney Punch keep scrolling.

What is Kidney Punch?
Kidney is a vital part of the human body and if any severe damages happen, it can be fatal. This kidney strike or punch affects the 2 kidneys.
A blowing punch at the lower back of the body which is capable of causing severe internal injury, this technique is not permitted by the boxing committee.

Kidney Punch Technique
Kidney Punch Technique is used in street fights but this technique is illegal in the field of boxing. This technique is known as the best self-defense technique to knock down the opponent or have a hand on the weak point. But to apply this tactic in the boxing rings there are some right uses. This basically focuses on two approaches : Stand-up fighting and While grappling.


During a Stand-up fighting:
When there is an opponent in front, the use of proper technique has to be chosen so as to be more close to the lower back of the opponent.
● Take a right side step towards the opponent.
● Attention towards the opponent's arm to self's arm so as to prevent a potential punch.
● In the meantime, slightly turn the thorax of the opponent to reveal their lower back.
● With the use of the right hand gives a powerful punch in the kidney area.
● To make the opponent weak, try to give side kicks to the rival.

During a Clinch
During a Clinch, the two boxers will be in a body to body position.
● Grabbing the backside of the neck and exposing the lower back of the opponent by rotating the hips.
● Avoiding kicks are a must because blocking the legs of the opponent is important.
● Attack the kidney spot with a powerful punch.

If anyone is going for either approach, there has to be an escape route planned in the mind of the attacker. To strike the kidney, the attacker has to be proficient in counterattack.

Consequences of Kidney Punch
This kidney punch technique is very dangerous, it can be very painful when the strike is sharp. The consequences of such a punch can be harmful and can lead to soreness for a few days or weeks. This could also lead to blood loss for a few days.


Student | Posted

Some of the organs are very vital and that is why they were categorised as the organs which are important. Some of these are kidney, liver, brain, and eyes. These organs are very fragile and is claimed to have no such exercise to make them strong because of which some of the punches and shots are banned in the field of boxing
Kidney punch boxing is illegal in the field of boxing because it can lead to loss of huge blood for approximately a week. One of the illegal move in boxing is kidney punch which can cause severe damages like cuts, bruises, and loss lf organs also. 


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