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What is boys will be boys type?


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It is an attitude which we, as a society, really need to give up.

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This attitude validates whatever boys or men do in the name of masculinity. Boys or men who hold this attitude think that it’s nature to fight with others, or catcall girls (and even own them). Such guys are too sensitive about their masculinity which is like a coconut –hard from outside but too fragile from inside.

You challenge their “boys will be boys” attitude and they will start crying for their position in the society (and they blame women for crying theirs). Yes, all those boys who hold this “boys will be boys” mentality are a big hypocrite.

They are the living example telling us why society will never be able to move beyond the male-female dichotomy ever. Because for them, if boys will always be boys, then the girls too will always be the girls. This means that they don’t believe in the empowerment of women, no matter how progressive they are.

They will always expect their wives to cook for them even if they work. They don’t believe in equality, but the culturally prescribed gender roles. They abide by the practices of their ancestors. They have known and learned the treatment of women (and children) by their fathers and their feet are deeply rooted in the soil of patriarchy.

They think it’s cool to be inconsiderate and discourteous. They think they have their first right on everything that belongs to their parents. They think that they just have to point out the thing they want and the thing will be theirs.


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