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Yamini Agrawal

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What is communicable diseases ?


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Diseases which can get transmitted from one person to another by direct or indirect contact are called communicable or infectious diseases. Tuberculosis, Cholera, Typhoid, Malaria, Dysentery are some of the common

communicable diseases.

Communicable diseases are transmitted through contaminated food, water, air, insects, infected clothes, utensils etc.

Modes of Transmission of Communicable Disease are directly or indirectly. These modes of transmission are described below:

Direct Transmission

1.By direct contact: The infection may be caused by direct skin to skin, mucosa to mucosa or mucosa to skin contact. Leprosy, Eczema are transmitted through direct contact.

2. By droplet infection: An infected person during coughing, sneezing, speaking may release droplets of moisture carrying the disease-causing microorganism. These droplets when enter another person's body while breathing may make him sick. Diseases like Whooping cough, Tuberculosis etc., are transmitted in this way.

3.By using an infected needle/syringe: Infection may also get directly transmitted through a bite or blood transfusion.

-Indirect Transmission

The disease-causing microorganisms may indirectly.

Various modes of indirect transmission

1.Through infected food and water.

2.Through any carrier, such as mosquito, housefly, rat, flea etc. . Through clothes, towel, handkerchief, and personal utensils of the patient. Through dirty hands or dirty utensils, unwashed fruits/vegetables.Letsdiskuss