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What is cruise control system in cars?


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Cruise control is a modern day technology and automatic system that controls the speed of your vehicle. In some countries it is called autocruise. This system works on servomechanism that takes over the throttle of a car to maintain a uniform speed as set by the driver.


Cruise control is the extremely useful feature in modern cars. Without it, long road trips would be far more tiring, at least for the driver. It’s very more common to find cruise control on American cars than European or Asian ones, as the roads in America are generally bigger and straighter, and destinations are much farther apart.

The purpose of cruise control is to manage a steady speed without any external force like the throttle-accelerator pedal linkage. It maintains the constant speed that is set by the driver during long journeys. The cruise control works the same way you control the speed of your car by adjusting the throttle position.

It gets engaged with a throttle valve with the help of a cable connected to actuator. So, instead of pressing the pedal, the throttle valve controls the speed and power of the engine. The driver can set the cruise control with help of given switches near to steering of the vehicle which usually consist of ON, OFF, Resume and Set/ACCEL. 



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