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Lloyd Ball

Manager | Posted 17 Feb, 2019 |

What is Cybersecurity and Why it is so important

Severine Johnson

Digital Marketing Executive | Posted 10 Aug, 2020

Cybersecurity is a practice of preventing computers, servers, mobile devices, and networks, from getting affected by malicious attacks. Cyber Security is also known as IT security. This is important because cybersecurity includes everything that concerns securing sensitive data or information, personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), intellectual property, governmental and industrial information systems from malicious attacks.

Priyal Verma

Student | Posted 13 Mar, 2019

Our daily lives are so associated with the internet these days,it’s astounding how cybersecurity isn’t exactly the talk of the town.Cybersecurity is defined as the techniques of protecting computers, networks, programs and data from unauthorized access or attacks that are aimed for exploitation.

It’s imperative to do so as the statistics show a staggering rise in cybercrimes by the hour and in not just giant businesses but small scale businesses as well.

So,a breach doesn’t just cost a business economically but can also make it undergo untold reputational damage by invading into confidential files etc.

We expect a threat from the highly sophisticated and well trained hackers but due to the easy accessibility and availability of hacking tools all over the internet,the slightly less skilled individuals also pose a threat.

There has been introduction of regulations such as the GDPR to force organizations to take better care of their personal data and certain requirements have to be fulfilled too for that.