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Samar Pandya

Student | Posted on | food-cooking

What is favourite food in breakfast?


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Morning meal is an essential meal of the day . As the name suggests , you break the fast after to hours of sleep with the morning meal . your day depends on a healthy and heavy morning meal as this helps nurture you for the complete work day to come .My being given a higher position for morning meal is very simple and healthy:

  • Eggs - Eggs are a very good source of proteins . The Egg white has in it most of the nutrients in the egg when made a comparison of to the yolk .Eggs are good-looking simple, not hard to make and there are a number of ways eggs can be made . It is an ideal morning meal for slow-moving and last minute grabbers .Eggs can be cooked very fast and they are quite putting in for your stomach .Eggs can be gone after (against the law), boiled or you can make an omelet, that can be put in between toasted bread and simple, not hard to take food too .
  • Cereal - Cereals are without a doubt the best morning meal one can have . There's no other morning meal which beats cereal as it is good quality in thread and heavy for the stomach and very simple, not hard to take .Cereal is generally taken food with milk and some people support boiled cereal such as meal made from grains and so on . You can add dry fruits like a type of nut, sundried grapes, and sort of nut or fresh fruit like long yellow fruit, strawberry, Apples , papaya and so on . to make them tastier and more good (a food) .The sugar content in cereal just add up to 5% of daily sugar intake yet it adds taste . This gives you "Take-on-the-day" kind of nutrients .Those who are attempting for weight loss can get done their goals by selecting the cereals that live up to their healthy take limited food and weight-loss claims .
  • Sprouts - We see a mass of people make into one puts on growth into their night-fall meal or even middle-of-the-day meal by adding them to a certain plate .But, I have special rights taking food puts on growth for morning meal . puts on growth give me energy for day long as they have all the needed nutrients and anti-oxidants and are quite putting in for the stomach .Sprouts are very simple to make at home . You just need to clean with water the green gram , chana and soya seeds used for food in burning water and wet through them cold water. Drain the water and Leave it in a breathable vessel for to hrs. You can word that one is going the putting on growth in just a few hours. A hand full of puts on growth in the morning can be very placed over.


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Student | Posted on

Breakfast is very important meal in a human life because it gives you energy to work throughout the day.Many a times it happens when people forget to have their lunch or snacks work all day with just having their breakfast so here are some good options of breakfast are as follows:

1.Idli and sambar.

2.Healthy oat meal.


5. Upma.

6.Egg whites or omlette.

These are some best options for breakfast.


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