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Simran Kapoor

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What is four more shots please and why its famous?


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With 'Four Shots Please !, India Gets Itself' Sex And The City '

The Amazon series is based in India on its feminist portrayal of modern-day Mumbai women and sex, in a world where even kisses have never been on the screen.
"Please Shoot More !,"
When the HBO series "Nudity and the City" first appeared on TV screens in 1998, sex became "the most political issue," according to author Julie Salamon. The show was a by-product and is the author of an instrumentalist in which financially and imperfect women have made space for themselves and their abusive private lives.


Now, "Four Shots Again !,"

The series is based in south Mumbai, one of the wealthiest regions in the country with surprising inequalities, and much like "Sex and the City," it focuses on four female characters: Damini, an investigative journalist played by Sayani Gupta; Umang, a fitness trainer played by Bani J; Anjana, a lawyer and divorced mother played by Kirti Kulhari; and Siddhi, an unintentional, lonely child of a wealthy family, played by Maanvi Gagroo.
And, yes, there is a lot of normal sex. There is also oral sex, lesbian sex, open marriage sex, sex in conference rooms, disappointing sex.

Some unruly observers in India say there is too much sex. But more so, the show's reaction since its first season's release last year has been "very good," the stars said over and over in the Zoom interview.
"The biggest glamor, the lust, is because of the female friendships and the camaraderie of women, which I think girls take for granted," said Gupta, who has starred in many other illegal roles, including a blind woman dating a woman with cerebral palsy in "Margarita, who has a scar. ”
“There is some kind of crown or sequel to the show,” he added, “and you can't really see these things.