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Sumil Yadav

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What is Gobar-Dhan Yojana?

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Ever thought of making money from cattle dung? If not then now you can. Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed on Mann Ki Baat the newy-launched GOBAR-Dhan Yojana. The unique scheme that would help farmers in making money using cattle solid waste.  


This unique Galvanizing Organic Bio-Agro Resources Dhan (GOBAR-DHAN) scheme was first proposed by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley during his budget speech on February 1. In his opinion, the scheme would focus on managing and converting cattle dung and solid waste into biogas and bio-CNG.


Basically, The Gobar-Dhan Yojana has introduced keeping this in mind that it will help in village cleaning and increasing the income of farmers and cattle herders. The scheme is supposed to be rolled out in Apirl 2018 and if it gets implemented properly then farmers can use waste as an income source.




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