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Rahul Mehra

System Analyst (Wipro) | Posted | Science-Technology

What is Google lens?


Manager at Amazon | Posted

Google lens is basically the search engine that can recognize what’s in your images and scan business cards, bar-codes, and among many other famous monuments around you. Recently, it has rolled out to Google photo users on Android.


This unique feature was previously available to those who own tech giant Google latest pixel phones. In Google pixel phones, lens was available on the command of Google assistant.


According to users, Google lens feature can be frustrating and quite useful. When it works, it works really well. 

It can show you more information about sights, including opening hours that is actually quite useful.

Google Lens can tell you a lot more information about artwork, movies, and paintings by simply scanning them. Google is also planning to roll out Lens for iPhone users soon but they did not confirm the date.



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