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Rahul Mehra

System Analyst (Wipro) | Posted | Science-Technology

What is Google’s reply app?

System Engineer IBM | Posted

Google Reply is basically your assistant for messaging. Do you ever feel some people get messages from
you automatically without you even bothering to type (or speak)? Do you even feel like not texting
someone but still do it so as not to offend them?

Google Reply app will play you a savior. The app, once installed on your phone, will let you reply to
certain types of texts with pre-defined replies. It’s an AI-based smart reply feature that can integrate
with a wide range of messaging apps, from WhatsApp to Facebook Messenger to Skype.

When someone texts you, this Reply app will be able to access it through the notification bar. It will send
that text to Google’s server where the words will be processed by Artificial Intelligence. It will then
return back with a set of smart and personalized replies. You will be able to see these suggested smart
replies right in your notification bar, where you can click any one of them and the text will be sent to the

Note: the texts sent to Google’s server for AI processing will be deleted immediately.
This Google Reply App has plenty more features. For example, it can integrate Google Calendar,
Assistant, and location data to auto-reply to certain types of texts. For example, say if you’re driving, the
app can automatically reply that you’re driving. If you’re on vacation, the app can reply the texts that ask
you if you’re working today.

The possibilities with these high-powered features are seamless. Of course, the app has still not been
launched officially by the Google. It has been leaked by a different website, which is still in Beta Phase. It
would take few more months before the app enters the market and performs exactly the way it is supposed to.



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