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Rohan Chauhan

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What Is Google Symptom Search Feature?

Blogger | Posted

There are several of them but:

The fast, accurate and easy to use is the Esagil Symptom Checker (Medical diagnosis | Symptom checker). Some hospitals have it embedded in their websites.

The most complete with information but no so easy to use is Webmd (Better information. Better health.);

and as an alternative to Webmd is Mayo clinic (Mayo Clinic - Mayo Clinic)


Manager at Amazon | Posted

The tech giant Google is on a roll and after one by one they are coming out with latest technology that today’s time demands. We know that a majority of people use Google search engine in India and when they are in dilemma they ask questions to Google.


Symptom Search is the Google latest feature that has rolled out in India, recently. A lot of people seek Google’s advice before visiting a doctor so keeping in that mind Google will now let Indian users to find quality information on their smartphones.

In a joint venture with a team of doctors from Apollo Hospitals, the tech giant will show apt results and accurate information based on commonly-searched symptoms in its Search. For an example if a user searches for symptoms like “cough and pain,” the app will show a list of related conditions (common cold, acute bronchitis, flu, pneumonia, chest infection).

The app is currently available in English and Hindi and will give digital cards of doctors and overview description along with the information on self-treatment options. The aim of this app is to provide quality healthcare information that can be accessed by a billion Indians.



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