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What is ikura and how to cook ikura roll?


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Ikura is a food item which is included in every hotel's menu. It is a very common food item in Japan and is served individually or with any other japanese cuisine. Ikura is used as a garnish on a variety of sushi dishes. It contains a salmon roe, which is also referred to as salmon eggs. These are prepared in salt water and then are separated into different eggs and are served together. These are used as an alternative to salt as they are made in salty water. It also increases the flavour of the dish with which it is served. Ikura is commonly served with large fish either cooked or raw. 
There are various types of roe or fish eggs which are served in Japanese cuisine but Ikura is the most common and popular type of fish eggs. Ikura is formed when the eggs are separated from the salmon and are served individually. This type of separation of eggs is known as Ikura. Ikura are round shaped and are red in colour. Ikura are popularly served with sushi dishes
For making ikura roll, 2 cups of prepared sushi rice, 3 sheets of nori, 4 tsp wasabi paste, 8 ounces of salmon roe which is ikura. The following are the steps of making Ikura roll.
  • A bowl of vinegar water with 2 tablespoons of sushi rice, excess water has to be removed. From the rice, small sized portions are made. 
  • Cutting down the nori, the sheet nori will be a little bit bigger than the small sized portions made from rice. 
  • Wrapping the nori around the sushi, the shiny side will be the tiny collar which is all around the rice. 
  • A little bit of wasabi paste on the rice inside the nori. Pour 1 tablespoon of ikura slowly and the ikura roll is ready. 

Ikura sushi
The salmon roe sushi recipe is the most popular mood item in Japan. It is a type of luxury seafood in Japan. The following are the steps for making Ikura sushi: 
The rice is poured in the water and is stirred to remove the excessive starch. This step is repeated until the water comes clean. 
The rice is mixed with water in the cooker and is cooked.
  • Then the rice is kept aside to be cool. 
  • Then rice vinegar, sugar and salt are mixed together. 
  • The vinegar is then poured over the rice and is mixed well. 
  • Once rice is set cool the balls are formed. 
  • Following, the wasabi is added to the rice ball.
  • Nori is cut into pieces to hold the salmon roe. 
  • The steps are repeated until all rice bas and salmon roes are used. 


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Ikura is a food found in Japanese. It consists eggs and fishes components. It is salmon roe. It is similar to salt and uses to give taste to food in japan. It contains sodium, protein and iron. Ikura is usually round and deep red in color. Ikura recipe includes the salmon roe, sake, soy sauce, warm water and Kombu seaweed. At first, Place salmon roe in warm water and the eggs away from the thin skin. Drain the water in fridge. Boil sake over medium heat and After cooling, mix soy sauce, kombo seaweed and boiled sake. 



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