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Abdul Fairose

@letsuser | Posted on | Education

What is it like living in Hong Kong vs Singapore?


Senior Software Engineer | Posted on

The tiger cities of Asia, Hong Kong and Singapore, are each other’s arch rivals. Both of these prime Asian cities, stay in neck to neck competition with each other, be it tourism, education, lifestyle, or opportunities. Singapore is called Asia’s world city but Hong Kong has its own liveliness and vibrancy to attract visitors and investors there. Hong Kong and Singapore are two of the world’s busiest port cities and the most important financial centers of the world. They are also leading gastronomic hubs in Asia. Despite all these similarities, both the cities are compared and contrasted with each other, more often than not.

Here are some points according to which one city has an upper hand over the other:


Singapore is comparatively boring and hence meant for families. On the other hand, Hong Kong is exciting and lively enough for singles. These days however, Singapore has caught up with Hong Kong in night life and enjoyment.

While Hong Kong has better food and transportation options, Singapore is ahead of it in terms of cleanliness. Hong Kong is the home of world’s best, award winning restaurants of Asia.

Singapore, also has better schools and environment. People there are less superficial and friendlier than Hong Kong, which is known for its sophistication.

In terms of laws and rules, Singapore is much stricter than Hong Kong.

Hong Kong

Cost of living

If we see on the basis of cost of living, I’d prefer Singapore over Hong Kong. Although drinking is expensive in Singapore, cost of living in Singapore in nine percent cheaper than the cost of living in Hong Kong.


Singapore is hot all year round while Hong Kong has four different seasons. Hong Kong has extreme weather in respective seasons and you’ll experience all kinds of weather there, while in Singapore it’s hot and humid all the 365 days of the year.

singapore-letsdiskuss.jpg Singapore

Places to visit

Hong Kong has beautiful beaches and mountains while beaches in Singapore are rough. But Singapore is the home of the world’s best zoo and rooftop infinity pool.

In Mercer’s 2017 annual list of cities in Asia offering the highest quality of life, Singapore ranked number one. Singapore is also ranked the nicest city to live in Asia for expats, with the best infrastructure in the world. Meanwhile, Hong Kong was ranked seventh in the survey’s list of top cities in Asia.

If you are looking for an overall, richening experience, you’ll love spending some time in Singapore, but if you like adventures and vibrancy, Hong Kong is the perfect place for you.  


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