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Sumil Yadav

Sales Manager... | Posted on | Astrology

What is Manglik Yog in the Horoscope?


(PHD) in astrology from HNBG University | Posted on

Manglik Dosh is mainly considered at the time of Marriage it 100 % connected with Mangal (Mars) Planet. In astrology Mars is a planet of aggression, short tempered, talkative nature, debate- arguments, leadership, perfection etc and Mars is also considered the planet of war, Mangal Dosh creates highly unfavorable circumstances for marriage like delay, break ups in initially stage etc. In the married life of such persons, tensions, discomfort, unhappiness and separations are very much expected. Most of such people experience disharmony in family life because when Mars (Mangal) placed in Manglik House (1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th) it gives direct or indirect bad effect to marriage House 7th house or Health, 8th, 12th that is why is bad yog in the horoscope. Manglik Yog also has known as “Kuja Dosha” Manglik Dosh etc.


At the time of Marriage or match making the Boy and Girl both should be Manglik if Manglik should marry with non-Manglik, so non Manglik partner gets ill health or dies if Manglik yog is from 8th house. It is advised you that not to marry a non-Manglik but decision is yours because it not only emphases on health but even it leads to quarrels, different thinking of partners, financial instability and tension without any reason etc etc. So always consult Good Astrologer for right Guidance at the time of Marriage.





Mars in the 1st house seriously affects the temperament of spouse and affects the same to the other partner. Both the partners shall enter into conflicts often leading to physical assault and violence in most families because they want things according to them.


 Mars in the 4th house makes people very stubborn, they memories the situations, words etc and revert with old context on time or on same situation. When they got anger it’s very hard to cool them. They want everything perfect and systematic


Mars in the 7th house makes a spouse highly irritable and bad argumentative person and also gives almost same nature to spouse because he is affecting 1st house of spouse. His/her high energy shall result in aggressive behavior. There are a lot of fights in the family and between the life partners. These people are good with outsiders but bad for family members


Mars in the 8th house effects age and health house it can give accidents if it’s very bad and bad for spouse health. He will be careless and reckless with regard to handling finance and assets and they are little bit egoistic. 


Mars in the 12th house its means these persons unnecessarily involved him/ herself into others matters and blame or harmed by others. There will be several mental problems in the person because of extra anger or aggression


Manglik is a bad yog in the Horoscope no need to upset because there are many Remedies available in the different-2 "Shastra’s" which help to reduce the Negative effect of Manglik Dosh for that you need to Consult to Good Astrologer.



| Posted on

The Manglik Yog in the Horoscope is a very unique type of yoga that integrates the principles of yoga, tantra, and astrology. The focus on this practice is to take everything at face value without getting caught up in literal interpretation. This is because everything has a meaning beyond what meets the eye and subtle meanings can be discovered by looking deeper into your personal horoscope.
This method will help you reconnect with your spiritual self and significantly improve energy flow throughout your body and mind so that you can better wake up early for morning pranayama (breathing exercises). It will also bring out those more introverted traits within you so that it becomes easier to embrace your sensitivity.



Astrologer | Posted on

Manglik Dosha or Mangal Dosha is considered a bad Yoga for a marriage or relationship, caused due to the position of Mars in certain houses.hese are twelve sections of zodiac circle having 360° numbered clockwise Ascendant is known as the first house and the last house is known as the twelfth house Each house represents specific traits used for prediction.

 of the horoscope

Synonym of birth chart, prepared with date, time and place of birth of an individual

.This yoga is believed to create some disturbance to the concerned house it occupies.