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Posted 06 Jul, 2018 |

What is more important, fashion or comfort?

Grace Hadid

@Grace | Posted 13 May, 2019

It depends on the environment we are in. Talking about the fashion I believe it is good and it changes the personality to the finest. Apart from that comfort comes when you don't bother what next person thinks about you.

Lisa alba

blogger | Posted 13 May, 2019

Now a days both fashion and comfort important for everyone, but comfort is more important than fashion. If you are not feeling comfortable so it doesn't make sense that you are in fashion. So first we should comfortable whatever we wear.

Most of the people getting confused about their fashion that how much i have my prominent interests. So you should keep your interests in your list. Now i think Techwear cargo pants getting a prominent interest and most people now make use of their internet for shopping online than any other function and buying their favorite techwear pants.  It is comfortable to wear.

Online shopping is leaped towards convenient medium as now and is not out of reach regardless of your age. Lots of elderly don't prefer the idea of shopping as well as paying for their goods online.

Meetali Asiwal

Thinker | Posted 22 Aug, 2018

According to me, comfort is largely more important than fashion.

To understand this we need to be clear about how do we exactly define fashion and what do we mean by comfort. For example, if we talk about rag jeans, I don’t think they have anything to do with increasing comfort levels. Their sole motive is to make us look updated with the ongoing trend.


(Courtesy: www.shopittome.com)

On the other hand, shorts are something which are both comfortable and in fashion. However, when a girl wears shorts or skirts in summers, people judge her for giving up her comfort and dignity for the sake of fashion. Little do they know that shorts are what makes her the most comfortable (unless they are getting judgmental and uninvited glances). So in this case, fashion is entangled with comfort in a complicated manner.


(Courtesy: www.contextuelles.com)

These days, designers are coming up with many new creative ideas combining fashion and comfort for every occasion. Shirts with sarees and palazzos on Kurtas are some of the outfits in trend which are immensely comfortable and can be pulled off almost anywhere.

fashion-and-comfort-lets-diskuss (Courtesy: www.pinterest.com) 

So to end this debate, we should have a combination of both fashion and comfort. Having said that, fashion can be compromised for comfort but comfort must never be compromised for fashion.  

Sanya Chopra

Makeup artist at Jawed Habib | Posted 06 Jul, 2018

Now a days it’s the appearances that matter. “First impression is the last impression” is one saying that never gets old, and we want our first impression on anyone remarkable. So it won’t be justified, if I say that fashion is completely unimportant.

However, the importance of comfort cannot be ignored entirely too. It’s as important to look trendy as it is to be comfortable in the attire you are carrying. Because let’s admit it, comfort makes you confident, and confident makes you beautiful in the most natural way.

The girl who struggles while wearing high heels and skin tight outfit can never leave an impression on people. Same is true with the guys wearing low waist jeans thinking it makes them look “cool”. So before making a style statement make sure you are feeling yourself while arraying yourself for any occasion.

The philosophy of comfort before fashion has become widely acceptable these days, so much so that, various designers have come up new apparels which are comfortable along with being fashionable. They have attires for every place like office, college, outing, travelling; and every occasion like soiree, wedding, family gathering and so on. So this conjunction of fashion and comfort itself makes it clear that both are equally important.