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What is new update in Google?


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Google is one of the vast community on Web. It has over billions of users. Nowadays each and every website and search engine is working very much hard to make their website more user friendly and hassle free. That is why they try to give various update on regular basis.

Updates helps us to make our experience good with a website. In the past few month, Google has given us so many different updates.

But this time Google has rolled an update which will prove to be very much helpful for all the Netizens. The name of that update is DIVERSITY UPDATE. This new update will be a part of Google algorithm. The new update will help in curbing and removing multiple search results from the same website, that appear on the first page of the GOOGLE search. Really, this is one of the update which we all are expecting from Google.

The official name of this update is June 2019 Core Update. This update has rolled out everywhere. The trackers of algorithm has noticed a surge or spike in their graph. Now this update is affecting the SERP ranking of different websites.

Earlier we were getting multiple listings of the same website, but now we will only get one listing of a website. This is one of the most useful update which Google has launched.