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Shivam Khare

Student | Posted 28 Mar, 2021 |

What is Planet Fitness and lunk alarm?

aakansha Tejwani

student | Posted 05 Apr, 2021

Planet Fitness is a gym for those who want to try working out in a gym setting without feeling uncomfortable or judged. While most gyms cater to bodybuilders and others looking to improve their strength, Planet Fitness started with the aim of reaching out to the general public. The gym's designers aimed to inspire more people to be involved by providing a low-cost, commitment-free, and judgement-free environment.

Planet Fitness has now become correlated with an inexpensive fitness centre in a welcoming atmosphere. When lifting weights, it's natural to make some noise: the occasional weight drop, a grunt during a climb, or even slamming the weights there during a workout; however, this is not an appropriate activity in this fitness centre. A Lunk, according to the centre, is someone who "grunts, loses weights, or judges," and it has a Lunk Alarm to warn people when one is around. The Lunk Alarm from Planet Fitness is a loud siren that attracts attention and pauses workouts. The warning even sends a message to the gym's administration about the lunk. When the core audience is made up of regular people, they want them to feel at ease. Planet Fitness launched the Lunk Alarm in an effort to make more of their clients feel less threatened. The Lunk Alarm will sound in their gym when grunting or crashing weights will evoke some dirty looks. They strive to avoid habits that make their customers nervous in order to make the gym friendly to potential gym-goers or novices. At Planet Fitness, what is considered standard procedure in other gyms is prohibited. The gym's response to attracting attention to other people's pain is the lunk bell. Many that attract attention to themselves run the risk of being ejected.

image source- nytimes.com