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What is Plateaus of Learning?


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We all learn a lot. Think about it why we still remember the alphabets or counting even when we don’t revise it. Psychologists have found in their studies that most children learn comparatively more in amount and rate in the beginning, their amount and rate of learning stabilizes after sometimes. There is no progress in it; after the rate and amount of learning improves only when the factors of learning become favorable and in case the factors become unfavorable, rate and amount of learning decreases.
See, in this figure the region defined as plateau (horizontal line) displays that the amount and rate of learning is neither increasing nor decreasing. This state in this figure is called a learning plateau. The rise in the graph defines that there is a favorable condition.

Plateaus are characteristics features of the learning process indicating a period where no improvement in performance is made.
1) There can be more than one plateau in a child’s learning.
2) There is no time bound over the plateau.
3) Learning plateaus can be reduced by making the conditions more favorable.