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Albert Jordan

Senior Software Engineer | Posted on | Science-Technology

What is robotic automation?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

In layman’s term, it’s exactly what its name suggests: automating processes using robots.

(Now, of course, don’t get the idea of human-like robots doing the daily choirs. At its basic, they are simply software that is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.)

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Cuinsight.com)

Here’s a very common example…

These days when you visit websites, you’ve likely seen a chat box sitting somewhere in the bottom right corner of your screen.

When it pushes you messages, it’s not coming from a real human. It’s coming from a (smart) bot. It can help you navigate and find answers to your questions.

The built-in assistants we have in our phones, powered by AI and Machine Learning – even that comes under the label of robotic automation. It can perform many actions without your manual handling. For instance, if you say a “trigger word”, per your default selection, it can turn your alarm on, send a message, turn the phone in flight mode, turn off the internet, and more.

robotic-automation-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Banking Tech)

Another common example is social media posts automation. If you use Facebook, you would know that you can now automate your posts. Meaning, you can schedule your posts in one-sit – when will they get published! (Try it now!)

There are many examples of robotic automation, which is nothing more than asking a piece of technology to perform a task automatically. You’re automating the process. It, evidently, saves your time, bring more efficiency; and you enjoy higher convenient. (It’s like very, very mediocre butler working for you!)

robotic-automation-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Re Journals)

Robotic automation is primarily employed in the business world. However, as its scope progresses, as artificial intelligence and machine learning gets more efficient, we would definitely see advanced and automated technology in many different segments, including our personal lives.

Hopefully this answers your question. 


Developer | Posted on

Robotic Process Automation or RPA is a capability that allows you to carry out tasks on a computer just like a human would. The best way to visualize would be to think of a person working on his computer and doing his daily job by clicking through computer screens, sending emails etc. 


Content Strategist | Posted on

RPA is a type of technology that automates business processes by using business logic and organized inputs. An organization may use RPA services to set up the software, or a "robot," to capture and interpret applications for things like processing transactions, manipulating data, triggering responses, and interacting with other digital systems. RPA scenarios can be as easy as sending an automated email response to as complex as deploying thousands of bots to automate jobs in an ERP system. RPA automates routine tasks that used to require human intervention – often in the form of rote, time-consuming tasks. RPA promises to improve organizational productivity in the same way.



blogger | Posted on

It is automatice working machine. Firstly we have made a programme in any language line C, C++, Java, Oracle, etc. many other language. we developed it in any software accoding to our need then install it any robotice machine. if you can described it in simple english language please share the answer.


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