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Posted 12 Apr, 2019 |

what is seo

shakunthala rani

digital marketer | Posted 04 Oct, 2019


SEO is a search engine optimization it is a process of optimizing your website to bring the top of the search engine result page. for every website or blog, SEO is very essential.  They are two types of SEO techniques in order to rank your website.  

1. on-page SEO techniques

2. off-page SEO  techniques

1.on-page: the activity done by within the website is called on-page optimization 

2.off page: the activity done by the third party website is called off-page SEO 

For more information: 

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deepak bhandari

Blogger | Posted 03 Oct, 2019

SEO's full name is search engine optimization, SEO is a process to bring your blog article or website to Google's first page. Which increases the traffic of your website or blog. And you all must know how important it is to get traffic for any blog or website. Without traffic your blog or website has no meaning.

how to seo works 

prepareexams prepareexams

blogger | Posted 14 Aug, 2019

The full name of SEO is search engine optimization SEO is of two types

On-site SEO

Off-site SEO

On-site SEO, it is the work of SEO person to remove the details about the website that they are working on, check that website on different tools and remove the error of the website and give it to the developer and the speed of that website Optimizing and setting up different tools manually

Off-site SEO In this, SEO person has to take backlink from another website of his project or website. Which he can get traffic to his website from other website and we will get some part of the domain of that website on his website.

mical william

HP technical service provider | Posted 13 Aug, 2019

SEO means search engine optimization where you can promote any type of business through the internet.

There are 2 techniques in SEO:

1. ON Page 

2. OFF Page

and different type of strategy apply under on page and off page more visit what is SEO and how it work in Market.

Simplex Med

Medical Billing Company | Posted 01 May, 2019

SEO is used to rank the website in google. Simplexmed offers the best SEO and Medical Billing service

misha rajpoot

blogger | Posted 13 Apr, 2019

SEO basically stands for search engine optimisation .it is the process used for the optimisation purpose.


Posted 12 Apr, 2019

As the name says it is optimizing search engine to ensure that the particular website would appear high on the list by search engine which can be done by increasing the number of visitors to particular website also known as getting more traffic to particular website.

Key factors that determine on-page SEO:

Title-specifies clickable headline displayed on search engine to get result of what we search for
Meta Description-describes the title briefly say in 2-3 sentences 
URL Structure-should not contain any special characters which may lead to conflict (search engine); these special characters can be edited using-Ctrl + U 
Keyword– is a particular phrase that describes the contents of a Webpage and it plays a main role in page ranking 
Internal linking-same domain as the domain link on particular website (source) is internal 
Broken Links-when a website is created and a page in particular website is removed then it leads to the broken links 
Canonicalization-a standard form of link should be designed to overcome issues when website opens with any relevant search

james soma

Blogger | Posted 12 Apr, 2019

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