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Harshal Shah

seo manager | Posted 12 Oct, 2018 |

What is SEO? What are some useful SEO techniques?

dev slash

Digital Marketer | Posted 16 Sep, 2020

Seo services are vital to any business, surely you have heard that before. But why does this matter so much? Try this for a thought experiment, when you tell someone to search for something, do you say “Why don’t you google it?”. The fact that the vast majority of us do underscores just how vital seo services are to any modern business.

It is the engine that drives all of your digital marketing, the way in which your customers find your website, products, services, and more. Ranking highly in search results, and having a website that is fully optimized are musts for any successful modern business.

Artem Roksman

Analyst of sports betting | Posted 28 Feb, 2020

Website Promotion Craftsmen

Roughly speaking, you have a message board, but no matter how many ads you place, everyone passes by and nobody pays attention

A SEO specialist makes your message board attractive and people start to find it useful, so they start reading ads

Something like this

Lead Generation

seo analist | Posted 28 Feb, 2020

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization, which is the method of optimizing the website to receive free or unpaid traffic from the results page of the search engine. To do this, search engines will check, or crawl, various websites to better understand what the website is about.

  • Forum 
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Classified submission 
  • Quora
  • Directory submission
  • Blog Posting

Rajat Rajput

@Rajat | Posted 28 Feb, 2020

SEO is a commonly used short term for Search Engine Optimization. Basically there are main two activities, One is ON Page and the other is OFF Page. Then further there comes sub-activities in ON page & OFF page. For a perfect Seo, one needs to focus on Keywords, Keyword density, Keyword stuffing, Informative content, User - friendly content, Word count should not be very less, then do the OFF page activities for your content to generate traffic to the source. For that, you can do bookmarking and other activities belong to the off Page.

Redial Solutions

Digital Marketing Company | Posted 10 Feb, 2020

SEO is a digital marketing technique that stands for search engine optimization. It helps to increase the visibility of the website in SERP(search engine result page) means we can say it increases the ranking of the website in search engine and it helps to increase website traffic SEO are basically two types:

(i) White hat SEO: White hat SEO is completely following search engine rules and policies. In the white hat SEO two types of SEO techniques On-page SEO, and Off-page SEO.

(ii) Black hat SEO: Black hat SEO does not follow the rules and guidelines.

i- On-Page Seo:
Content marketing, Effective content
URL optimization
Optimize page content
Optimize page titles and meta descriptions.
Images SEO
Headings and content
External link
Internal linking

ii- Off-page SEO: (Link building)
Image sharing
Question & Answering
Blog commenting
Business listing
Profile creation
PPT submissions
PDF submissions

Oby India

Digital marketing intern | Posted 04 Feb, 2020

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization:- Improve your organic traffic.

SEO techniques are classified into two categories :-

1) White Hat SEO - Techniques

2) Black Hat SEO - Techniques.

There are some SEO Techniques That Work GREAT:-

1. Write Long Blog Posts

2. Use the Bucket Brigade Copywriting Technique.

3. Keep Updating Old Content.

4. Get Quality Backlinks.

5.Research Your Keywords Well.

6. Focus On What Your Target Audience Wants.

7. Post Your Content On Social Media.

8. Write Better Headlines

9. Use More Infographics.

10. Improve Your Page Loading Speed

Aakshit Rajput

@student | Posted 30 Jan, 2020

Search Engine Optimization aka SEO is the technique of building authority of a particular website in front of a Search Engine. SEO technique has two types.



Mary Smith

writer | |Updated 30 Dec, 2019

Seo( Search Engine Optimization) is the best and useful is new grownup business. They are most useful SEO techniques like:

Site Optimize

Optimize For Voice Search

Target local search

Focus the keyword

Media Friday

digital marketing | Posted 25 Nov, 2019

It is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

Seo effects only organic search results but not paid links

Techniques ;

  • get more backlinks by link building.
  • measure SEO performance
  • improve user experience.
  • Get effective data or results by best tools like Moz, sem rush, etc.

great solution

@great | Posted 16 Sep, 2019

SEO techniques is best way increase keyword ranking of website. SEO techniques are two type on page seo and off page. 

On page activity are 


Meta Description

URL Structure



301 Redirection

404 Error page

Heading tags

Alt txt

Off page activity are

Article submission

Bookmarking submission

Directory submission

Classified submission

Question answering

Business listing

Images sharing

PPT sharing

PDF submission