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Rohit Valiyan

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What is so interesting about Emmy nomination 2018 ?


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Much like this year’s FIFA World Cup, this year’s Emmy Primetime awards too is going to be a story of depositions, as Emmy voters have decided to bring new tides in nominations and usher in a new era.

For starters, Netflix is the leading establishment with 121 nominations and has overthrown HBO’s 7 year rule as the most nominated network. However, HBO retains the most nominated show with its Game of Thrones which bagged 22 nominations and continues its domination in the award show which has been going for 4 years now.

Another first in many years is the absence of Seinfeld star and comedy persona Julia Louis-Dreyfus from the nomination list of Best Actress in Comedy because of her cancer treatment that had delayed the show. This time, there is going to be a new winner and House of Cards star Rachel Brosnahan has been nominated for her role in Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Even in the lite nigh talk show category, Stephen Colbert looks to be a good contender when it comes to beating down on two years in a row dominator John Oliver. South African comedian who is known for his Netflix special “Afraid of the Dark”, has finally got into the mix with his Daily Show for the first time and the audience is definitely pleased.

Saturday Night Live which has never been a favorite for the Emmy’s also seems to have turned things around with its 21 nominations and it seems like a good start.

Who wins who loses?

While all binge watchers and fans await the ceremony on September 17th, there are definitely going to be some new dominators in the market – especially since shows like the Handmaid’s Tale are looking much more relevant than the previous year’s not so young seventh season of Game of Thrones. What the results will be is a matter of wait and watch, and people are definitely pumped up to know!