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Jessy Chandra

Fashion enthusiast | Posted on | Astrology

What is something wrong that you have noticed about Scorpio men?


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1. Wear their heart on sleeve

Scorpio men are brutally straightforward, they don’t hide their emotions, if they do like you, they will tell you on your face and if they don’t then get ready to face the music.

2. Mr. always right

They are always right no matter what they do, of course nobody likes to admit that they are wrong but sometimes being right at the cost of your relationship isn’t right!

3. Moody

From a happy-go-lucky to an angry young man, Scorpio men takes only few seconds. Let me explain this, they solve their problems own and when they are into deep thinking session, they like to be left alone but if somebody pokes their nose, they get agitated quickly.

4. Vindictive

As a famous dialogue saying, "Scorpio men can be your best friend or your worst enemy". They do everything from the bottom of their heart, when they do love you, they do that all with the heart but when they hate you, they do it even better.

5. Don't like Surprises

If you are planning to throw a surprise party for them, there are high chances that they will get to know what exactly you have planned and not showing any interest.