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What is subsidiary book?


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Subsidiary book are the book of original entry.In the normal course of business,a majority of transaction are either relate to sales, purchase or cash.so we record transaction of same and similar nature in one place as per the date of transaction the place where we record such transactions are called subsidiary books.In short subsidiary are the books that record the transactions of similar nature.


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Subsidiary books are the books which include original entries. These are also known as special journals which record transactions of the business which are similar in nature. In subsidiary books there are entries which are related to sales, purchase or cash inflow or outflow. All the transactions are recorded in chronological order. 
The following are the types of subsidiary books: 
Cash book
Purchase book
Purchase return book
Sales book
Sales return book 
Bills receivable book 
Bills payable book 
Journal proper
These books help to consume time and benefit the business by recording all the business transactions at one place. 



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