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Trishna Dhanda

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What is tandem massage And What are the benefits of tandem massage?


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Most of the people nowadays are either tensed because of their work load or because of some personal issues. In most of the countries, massage therapies are used for manipulation of soft tissues present in the body and relaxing them. These massage therapies give relief and relaxation in mind also. These massages are manually applied with the essential oils to move muscles and tissues in the body.
One of the most relaxing massage therapies which is very common nowadays is Tandem massage.  

It is a type of therapeutic massage technique which consists of 2 therapists who are working simultaneously but on one client only. In this massage therapy the client receives twice as much work as they receive during one on one sessions. 
There are basically 2 components of Tandem massage: the very first massage session is called Mirror massage and another is asynchronous massage. 
Mirror massage: this form of massage therapy is very old and originated in India years back. To provide better satisfaction to the clients there are 2 therapists who work simultaneously with each other stroke by stroke. 
Asynchronous massage: in this type of massage therapy, the two therapists work in complementary ways. The position of the therapists is not mirror. For instance, if one therapist is relaxing the points of the neck area the other therapist will work on relaxing the feet area. 
The client who is receiving the message gets twice as much work as they get in one on one session. 
  • They receive more healing benefits between the time allotted to them. 
  • In mirror massage, the client relaxes the nervous system and it also creates balance in the client's body. 
  • The therapeutic tandem massage can improve circulation and reduce stress and tension from the mind. 
  • Tandem massage gives relief from both physical and mental stress. 
  • Tandem massage builds muscle tones. 

The benefit of receiving a tandem massage is it increases the relaxation and energy balance in the body. 
The tandem massage is an easy going massage therapy. It feels good when two people are paying their full attention towards the client and are providing them with full satisfaction and what they actually need after being so stressed about their personal issues or work issues. One of the great advantages of this massage is that a wider section of stroke range is covered in tandem massage as compared to the regular massage session.


Student | Posted

Tandem massage is a type of therapeutic massage which is of two types, one is unison which means there is only one client. In this the clients recieve many work as it's a one on one session and where they are working with the therapist
The two types of components of tandem massage is mirror massage which was invented 1000 years back in India. In this, there is a therapist working with someone in unison and additional person is also there. 
The second type is asynchronous massage. In this there are two therapists working complementary but are not in exact mirror positions. 
The benefits are: 
  • Clients recieve more work in the time allotted to them. 
  • Clients usually made tandem massage a priority over other things.
  • The mirror massage gave a relaxation to the nervous system and balance the both side of brain and creat peace. 



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