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Rahul Mehra

System Analyst (Wipro) | Updated 28 Jul, 2018 |

What is the average life of Apple devices?

Mukesh jha

Blogger | Posted 14 Jul, 2020

 four years 

manajilaha sanpappu

Blogger | Posted 29 Jan, 2019

It depend upon how you handle .

Akash Verma

Blogger | Posted 04 Jan, 2019

3 years

sabares waran

@letsuser | Posted 23 Nov, 2018

It really depends on what you mean by “lifespan.” Here are some options:

Still able to use as a phone.

Still able to run the latest operating system.

Still able to run the newest apps.

Continues to run on an older version of iOS and older apps.

Since the battery can be replaced (by Apple or an Authorized Repair Center), an iPhone could conceivably be used for 10 years or more. But Apple only supports a particular iPhone model with the most current version of the iOS for about 5 years. So if you buy a brand new model after the next iPhone comes out this fall, expect that Apple will keep supporting it with system upgrades through at least 2021 or 2022. Most people would consider this the productive lifespan of an iPhone.

Ritwik Singh

Manager at Amazon | Posted 05 Mar, 2018

Apple's products have always fascinated people across the world and they have always been designed for the way we work as much as for the way we live. But according to a recent study the average lifespan of an Apple device is probably just over four years.

According to the analysis by Apple, iPhones and iPads have a longer life as compared to their other devices because they remain in active use as the typical iPhone consumer does upgrade them time to time.

Apple is a prominent hardware and software company that is best known for its series of iPhones, Macbooks and its innovative technology for its products.

Today, they help people around the world to work more simply and creatively. They design their devices according to users needs that are very user friendly.