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Rahul Mehra

System Analyst (Wipro) | Posted | others

What is the average mileage of Tata Nexon (Petrol variant) on Highways?


Working with Maruti Suzuki | Posted

Tata Nexon is a good hatchback but when it comes to mileage, it may disappoint you a little bit. Tata Company claims the average of 17 kmpl on highways in petrol variant for both manual and automatic transmission. Even I have seen a couple of videos where YouTube bloggers claim the same.

But the real picture is very different, I have two friends who own Tata Nexon and like me, they are also not satisfied with the mileage part. Before first service of their vehicles, the mileage on city roads was around 8-9 kmpl and on highways was 9-10 kmpl. They thought that maybe after the first service it will get better, but nothing like that happened. When after the service they drove the vehicle, they got the following mileage on the given modes:

1. City: 8-9 kmpl

2. Eco: 9-10 kmpl

3. Sport: 7-8 kmpl

On highways when they drove with Ac on, they got only 11-12 kmpl mileage. See, Nexon is a heavy vehicle that weighs more than 1300 kg and such heavy vehicles require an engine with high torque which leads to high fuel consumption beyond any doubt.



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