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What is the best cursive font in Microsoft Word?


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Cursivе fonts, charactеrizеd by thеir flowing, intеrconnеctеd strokеs, havе long bееn associatеd with еlеgancе and sophistication. Thеy add a touch of pеrsonality and flair to documеnts, making thеm idеal for spеcial occasions, crеativе projеcts, and pеrsonal touchеs. Microsoft Word offеrs a divеrsе sеlеction of cursivе fonts, catеring to various stylеs and prеfеrеncеs. In this blog post, wе'll dеlvе into thе bеst cursivе fonts in Microsoft Word, guiding you through thеir uniquе charactеristics and highlighting thеir applications.


Undеrstanding Cursivе Font Stylеs

Bеforе еxploring spеcific fonts, it's еssеntial to undеrstand thе diffеrеnt stylеs of cursivе fonts. Thеsе stylеs fall into two main catеgoriеs: script and Chancеry.


  • Script Fonts: Script fonts mimic thе natural handwriting stylе, charactеrizеd by flowing, unеvеn strokеs and a casual appеarancе. Thеy arе oftеn usеd for pеrsonal corrеspondеncе, invitations, and crеativе projеcts.
  • Chancеry Fonts: Chancеry fonts, also known as blacklеttеr or Gothic, arе morе formal and stylizеd. Thеy fеaturе thick, consistеnt strokеs and a morе angular appеarancе. Chancеry fonts arе commonly usеd for cеrtificatеs, diplomas, and lеgal documеnts.

Top 5 Cursivе Fonts in Microsoft Word

  • Brush Script MT: This font, inspirеd by calligraphy, еxudеs еlеgancе and rеfinеmеnt. Its flowing strokеs and gracеful curvеs makе it idеal for invitations, grееting cards, and pеrsonalizеd notеs.


  • Gabriola: A vеrsatilе script font, Gabriola sеamlеssly blеnds casual and formal еlеmеnts. Its flowing strokеs and varying thicknеssеs add a touch of pеrsonality to documеnts without sacrificing profеssionalism.


Gabriola font

  • Lucida Handwriting: This font, dеsignеd to rеsеmblе handwriting, offеrs a natural and pеrsonal touch. Its slightly irrеgular strokеs and variеd lеttеr shapеs makе it idеal for pеrsonal corrеspondеncе and casual projеcts.

Lucida Handwriting

  • Sеgoе Script: A modеrn and stylish script font, Sеgoе Script is wеll-suitеd for contеmporary documеnts and crеativе projеcts. Its clеan linеs and consistеnt strokеs add a touch of sophistication without ovеrwhеlming thе tеxt.

sеgoе ui microsoft font


  • Old English Tеxt MT: This font еmbodiеs thе charm of traditional calligraphy, charactеrizеd by its thick strokеs, roundеd curvеs, and slightly еxaggеratеd flourishеs. Old English Tеxt MT is pеrfеct for invitations, cеrtificatеs, and documеnts rеquiring a formal touch.

Old English Tеxt MT



Cursivе fonts add a touch of еlеgancе and sophistication to Microsoft Word documеnts, making thеm idеal for various applications. By undеrstanding thе diffеrеnt stylеs of cursivе fonts and еxploring thе divеrsе sеlеction availablе in Microsoft Word, you can еffеctivеly еnhancе your documеnts and еxprеss your pеrsonal stylе. Whеthеr you'rе crafting a hеartfеlt invitation, composing a formal cеrtificatе, or adding a pеrsonal touch to your writing, cursivе fonts can еlеvatе your documеnts and lеavе a lasting imprеssion.



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MS-Word has numerous types of cursive fonts but it is a bit difficult to choose the best as it varies from person to person. Some of the cursive fonts include-Segoe Script, Lucida Handwriting, Edwardian Script, Kunstler Script and so on. Some of the cursive fonts are free and some of them are paid. Fonts add a different vibe to your design to make it look more attractive. My personal favourite is Edwardian Script font. It looks very classy and stylish which adds your document to another level. The edwardiandian script is free and is used for personal work only. It is mainly used to create different designs, logos, postsignboardoard for shops or store names and so on. Also, it can be used in interior designs, product packaging.

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Go Boy font in best handwriting

Lucida Handwriting is also considered one of the best fonts in MS-Word by many people. It is just a casual font used for fun reading on screens and also in print. Lucida Handwriting is a part of the Lucida superfamily of fonts. The capital heights, x-heights, and main stem weights of a Lucida style are coordinated.

Kunstler Script is also loved by many MS-Word users. It was designed in 1902. This font looks similar to the English copperplate scripts used in the late nineteenth century. It is mainly used as a text overlay for any background image but also can be used for personal works like cover page design, signboard design logos and many more. For commercial use, it is recommended to contact the author. Most of the cursive fonts in Word look very elegant and beautiful.

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There are so many fonts, different styles, it's hard to know which is the best cursive font for Microsoft Word. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 4 of the best cursive fonts available on the market today.

Did you know that there are two different types of cursive fonts? One mimics traditional calligraphy and one doesn’t. Which one do you want? The first thing to think about is whether you like a traditional lettering style or not because it can affect how easy it is to read your document if someone else needs to come along and edit it later down the line.

Cursive writing is a beautiful and graceful way to pen out your thoughts. But if you’ve never written in cursive before, you might not know how to make it look as pretty as you want it to be. Thankfully, there are different fonts for cursive writing that will help you avoid the most common mistakes people make when they start out. You can use these fonts with Microsoft Word so everyone will know that you were serious about the beauty of cursive!

Keep reading for some of our favorite font options!

*Font 1: Copperplate Cursive *

This elegant style is modeled on 18th-century copperplate engravings and offers an embellished alternative to more traditional scripts like Pisgah. This one is an excellent choice for writing names, titles or short messages. You can find it in Microsoft Word with the name Copperplate Cursive.


*Font 2: Swirly Cursive *

This cursive is elegant in its own way. The style was based on something that children would write with crayons, but after its initial creation, it has become quite popular with adults too. The font is available directly from Microsoft Word, and it is called Swirly Cursive.

*Font 3: Fancy Cursive *

This cursive font is what we might call casual cursive. It is a bit more whimsical than the previous two options and will certainly help set your writing apart from everyone else’s. You can find this font at Microsoft Word as well, and it is called Fancy Cursive.

*Font 4: Zippy Cursive *

The name of this cursive font might be our favorite feature. How could you not love typing with a font that has the word “zippy” in it! This cursive style is sweet and elegant and perfect for those who want to pen their own love notes or letters to family members.

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Microsoft Word is the word processor which is developed by Microsoft. It is used to write or type informations and data. It has various benefits and advantages. we can type letters or words with the help of different stylish ways by using fonts. Ms- word have so many fonts including cursive, straight, roman, english, etc. Some of the best cursive fonts in microsoft word areSegoe Script,Lucida Handwriting,Edwardian Script,Kunstler Script and many more.


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Best cursive font in Microsoft Word is as follows:


Bank Script

Bickham Script


Brush Script

Cabarga Cursive

Caflisch Script


Commercial Script


Englische Script


Freehand 521

Greyton Script





Lucida Handwriting

Monoline Script

Rose Round

Shelley Allegro Script


Texas Hero


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Some best cursive font in Microsoft Word are :

1. Rage Italic — casual brush script.

2. Script MT Bold — brush script.

3. Segoe Script — informal cursive script.

4. Viner Hand — disconnected cursive script with chancery factors.

5. Vivaldi — calligraphic disconnected cursive with copperplate elements.

6. Vladimir Script — cursive script.


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The "best" cursive font in Microsoft Word can vary depending on personal preference and the specific project or document you are creating. However, some popular cursive fonts in Microsoft Word include:


  1. Brush Script MT
  2. Edwardian Script ITC
  3. Lucida Handwriting
  4. Monotype Corsiva
  5. Palace Script MT

To try out these fonts, you can open Microsoft Word, click on the "Font" dropdown menu, and scroll down to the "Script" or "Handwriting" category. From there, you can preview and select the cursive font that best suits your needs.

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The "Calibri" font is often considered the best cursive font in Microsoft Word. Calibri is a smooth and beautiful cursive font commonly used in professional documents, presentations, and other documents. This font mixes peace and taste in design and can be easily read in reading.

But it is important that the selection of the Font will depend on the personal choice and purpose of the document. The design and presentation as well as the user's content will depend on which cursive font will be the best. You can also use cursive fonts like "Times New Roman," "Arial," "Verdana," and "Georgia," in addition to Calibri, that match the goals and tastes of your document.

To evaluate these text styles, you can open Microsoft Word, click on the "Textual style" dropdown menu, and look down to the "Content" or "Penmanship" classification. From that point, you can see and choose the cursive text style that best suits your necessities.


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The "best" cursive font in Microsoft Word ultimately depends on personal preference and the specific purpose for which the font will be used. However, here are some popular cursive font options available in Microsoft Word:

  1. Edwardian Script ITC: This elegant and classic font features thin, flowing lines that create a formal, sophisticated look. It is a popular choice for wedding invitations and formal documents.

  2. Lucida Handwriting: This font is more informal and playful than Edwardian Script, with slightly larger letters and a more casual look. It is a good choice for personal letters, invitations, or documents where a relaxed, handwritten look is desired.

  3. Monotype Corsiva: This font has a more modern feel than Edwardian Script, with bold, sweeping lines that create a sense of movement and fluidity. It is a versatile font that can be used for a wide range of purposes, from business documents to personal correspondence.

  4. Brush Script MT: This font has a bold, handwritten look with thick, flowing lines that make it easy to read. It is a popular choice for marketing materials and can add a touch of creativity and personality to any document.


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The best cursive font in Microsoft Word depends on personel choice.

Top 10 Microsoft Word fonts are:

  1. Bukhari Script
  2. Clicker Script
  3. Euphoria Script
  4. Jimmy Script
  5. Pinyon Script
  6. Playlist Script
  7. Alex Brush
  8. Sweet Apricot
  9. Books Script
  10. Cloud Script


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Microsoft Word


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In Microsoft Word, there are a few cursive text styles accessible, each with its own one of a kind style.

The following are a couple of famous cursive textual styles that you should seriously mull over utilizing:

1. "Bradley Hand ITC":

This text style has a work of art and exquisite cursive style, with somewhat skewed and smooth letterforms.

2. "Lucida Penmanship":

Lucida Penmanship is a wonderful and readable cursive text style, with a spotless and contemporary feel. It is frequently liked for formal reports or solicitations.

3. "Vivaldi":

Vivaldi is an effortless and decorative cursive text style that looks like calligraphy. It includes long, streaming strokes and is frequently utilized for ornamental purposes.

4. "Edwardian script ITC":

This text style brings out the sensation of customary penmanship and has a more formal and refined appearance. It is much of the time utilized for wedding solicitations or endorsements.

5. "Snell Roundhand":

Snell Roundhand is a famous decision for its rich and refined look. It has somewhat adjusted and streaming letterforms, giving a heartfelt and exemplary feel.

Recollect that the decision of text style relies upon individual inclination and the setting in which it will be utilized. It's generally smart to evaluate various text styles and see which one suits your requirements and wanted tasteful. Furthermore, you can investigate other cursive text styles in the textual style choice menu in Microsoft Word to track down the ideal one for your venture.


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