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Nisha Sharma

@letsuser | Posted on | Health-beauty

What is the best Indian diet plan to reduce belly fat?


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 The best Indian diet plan for reducing belly fat includes a list of foods that would help in achieving this goal. This diet is based on green leafy vegetables, low-saturated fats, and healthy oils. In addition to that, exercise is also an important part of this program and it's good to follow a stress management diet as well. There are different kinds of exercises which can be grouped under these categories: cardiovascular endurance training, muscle strength training, flexibility training and weight loss exercises among others. All the types mentioned above come in handy when looking for ways to reduce belly fat while losing weight or maintaining their current body shape but they should not be ignored. 




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A slim waist and a flat tummy are two things which all of us undoubtedly crave for. We all know that achieving these two is a task even more daunting than losing weight overall. Much of its credit goes to our busy routine and untimely meals.


When compared to the west, we are so much into our addictive food habits that nothing can be done as such about them. In a typical North Indian family, Sunday means Chole Bhathure in breakfast, any auspicious day means aloo, puri, halwa, kheer, imarti, etc., and dinners are impossible to get done with before 9 pm. With such food habits, where oil is the soul of food and fruits, salad, and juices are just a formality if not delicacy, there’s no wonder that most of us are badly craving for losing belly fat.

What Indians don’t know however, is the spices found in their own country and other food items, when taken properly, can be very efficient in helping you lose belly fat. Ajwain or Carom Seeds is a great example of it.

Here are some tips which can be followed to have a good diet plan if you want to reduce your belly fat:

• Get done with your dinner before 8 pm and don’t take anything after that.

• Drink 2-4 liters of water every day.

• In breakfast, try having something which is wholesome and has the ability to keep you energetic for long. You can include oats with veggies and fruits, omelet, banana milkshake, green tea, apple, or idli sambar.

• Before noon, take something healthy and nutritious to munch. It can be nuts, fruits, chickpea salad, etc.

• In lunch you can take subzi, dal, salad, with just two rotis (remember that you have to keep control on the number of rotis you take). You can also have rice, brown rice, yoghurt, multigrain roti, and buttermilk.

• Remember that your dinner should be meagre and as light as possible. Don’t go for heavy food like rajma chawal or matar-paneer in dinner. You can have grilled vegetables, grilled chicken, salad, subzi, dal, tomato soup, broccoli, lentil soup, and other veggies.

• You can also have something to have as snacks between lunch and dinner, like dried fruits, fruit salad, roasted peanuts, etc.

• Remember that it is always better to eat less at several times that eating very much just twice or thrice a day.

• Don’t overeat and try leaving not to have exactly a stomachful meal. Always take small helpings rather than filling whole of your plate at once.  


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