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ravi singh

teacher | Posted 30 Nov, 2020 |

What is the best paneer brand?

ravi singh

teacher | Posted 30 Nov, 2020

During lockdown for remembering the wellbeing measures and wellbeing realities (since we are unadulterated non veggie lover, we rrequired paneer to happen of meat and fish(as we eat non veg ordinary) ), we used to have paneer from various brands, at whatever point whatever brand was accessible in the closest staple shop.
Amul Canned Paneer, Amul Packet paneer, Gowardhan Paneer, Keshav Canned Paneer, Punjabi Smoked Paneer, Purabi paneer (nearby production line in Assam) and so forth.
In any case, the gentlest, new feel and yummiest of everything is the Gowardhan paneer and Annapurna Canned Paneer.
Either Annapurna Paneer or Gowardhan Paneer, anyway cooked, curry, dry sauce, roasted, prepared, barbecued, sear, it feels the best and melts in to your mouth. The paneer absorbs the flavor dissimilar to other, where the masala could be taste just on the external surface of the paneer.
Well I lean toward GOWARDHAN PANEER more.
Amul paneer is unquestionably acceptable, however looking at the characteristics of canned and parcel amul paneer, canned is better.
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